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It is approaching 40 years since the start of our manufacturing and sales operations centered around timepieces ( desk clocks & wall clocks ) .All Japanese domesticated trend designs were drawn up in-house , and we have quality control staff straight inspect every exclusive lot to maintain Made in Japan quality standards.We constantly have stock of various hundreds of thousands of pieces in warehouses within the country in order to maintain a delivery system that ne'er runs out of stock.Recent Japanese domesticated shipping quantity has exceeded 2 million pieces , which ranks either world-class or 2d among all Nipponese domesticated shipping quantities.With our master company brand MAG - which owns many shares in the Japanese domesticated distribution industry through GMS and many early volume sellers - as the core , we likewise have many MAG sub-brands specializing in industries such as lifestyle stores directed towards women , inner variety stores , and furniture stores . In the beginning , this noted Japanese timepiece maker was carrying out production through assembly within Japan . withal , this was finally shifted to abroad assembly , and this company really pioneered this arrangement . Afterward , as former notable Japanese timepiece makers were besides in the middle of moving their production factories oversea because our company had production factories where the technical training was already done , many former timepiece makers from Japan too began arranging consignment production to a production factory in a standardised manner .
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